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Hit Point Calculation Variants

Game System: Basic Roleplaying
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–11–08

The standard way of calculating hit points in BRP games is to add SIZ and CON and the divide the sume by 2 and round up to the nearest whole number.

This system has some less desirable side effects when a creature is very large. Chaosium has solved the problem by giving large creature a very high CON value. But why should a giant not get a cold as easy as a human?

On the RQ-Rules discussion list several alternative HP calculations has been suggested:

1. Based on SIZ modified by CON

General HP is based on SIZ and modified by CON. Add or substract one HP per every 2 points of CON above or below 10. Max. CON for any mortal creature is 21.