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Determining the level of success of a skill roll

Game System: Stormbringer
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–09–06

At times the GM may need to determine which character has had, relative to the characters skill level, the greatest level of success. A simple, yet elegant, method to solve this problem is to compare the tens of skill roll with the tens of the effective skill level. For example, assume that Abe and Bernie are competing in a poetry contest. For this purpose the GM uses the Oratory skill. Abe has skill 78% and Bernie 65%. If Abe rolls 50 and Bernie 46 then Abe’s relative level off success was 7 5 = 2 and Bernie’s was 6 4 = 2, it’s a tie. This method can be used for all skills, but it’s advisable to use the standard rules for combat resolution. Combat is a quite different business compared to poetry contests and the combat rules are doing a good job at simulation combats so there is no reason to change that.