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Opposing skill rolls when one of the characters have an skill above 100%

Game System: Stormbringer
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–09–06

When one of the characters has a skill above 100%, the standard way of comparing successes won’t work. Characters with skills above 100% may add one for every full ten percentiles of skill above 100. For example, if Toril has a Move Quietly (or Sneak) skill of 125%, she may add +2 to her level of suc-cess. This system can be used for all characters that have skills above 100%. If the GM for example wants to simulate a poker game, he may use the level of success as the decid-ing factor. Assume that Abe (134%), Charlie (120%), Doris (95%) and Erica (138%) are playing a game of poker. If Abe rolls 55, Charlie 74, Doris 32 and Erica 50, then Abe’s success level would be 5 + 3, Charlie’s 3 + 2, Doris’s 6 and Erica’s would be 5 + 3. Abe and Erica tie and must roll again. Abe and Erica must roll again.