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Game System: Basic Roleplaying
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–09–11

Now and then situations occur in combat that may or may not be exploited, at the discretion of the character. These opportunities gives the character the option of reacting with an action, he might react with a parry, an attack or any other action thatís possible to perform in combat. A character must be able to move and adjacent to the opponent, who (unwittingly) offers the opportunity.

For each reaction deduct 30 percentiles from the characters effective skills. This modifier is applied to all physical skills that the character uses.

If reaction causes damage on a opponent, that opponent loses his action.

The following situations will give a character the option of reacting:

  • An incoming attack, be it a melee attack or a thrown weapon or a projectile.
  • If the enemy makes a ranged attack. If the reaction causes the opponent damage, the ranged attack fails.
  • If the enemy casts a spell. If the reaction causes the opponent damage, the caster must make a Concentration task roll or the spell fails.
  • If the enemy readies a weapon. The character may attack the opponet. If the attack causes the opponent damage, the enemy must succeed with a DEX x 5 roll or drop the weapon instead of readying it.
  • If the enemy drops an item. The character may attack the opponet or he may try an grope action and pick the item up, this may make the character open for reaction attacks.
  • If the enemy stands from prone. If the reaction causes the opponent damage, the enemy must make an Athletics test or remain prone.
  • If the enemy moves away from the character without declaring a Disengage action. If the reaction causes the opponent damage, the enemyís Movement for that particular move is halved.
  • If the enemy moves adjacent to the character without charging or engaging the character. This includes enemies who move through an adjacent area to the character en route to a fur-ther destination.

Reactions can only be single melee combat attacks, parries, dodges, gropes or moves. The opponent may parry or dodge reaction attacks as normal.