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Game System: Basic Roleplaying
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–09–28


Not all types of experiences are best modelled as skills with skill levels. Some types of knowledge are of an “either you know it or you don’t” character and those aren’t well suited for being graded 1 to 100. Examples of such knowledge’s are fighting styles, combat tricks, broad past experiences and knacks. Such skills are better modelled as binary skills. If you have a binary skill it gives you a bonus when performing a specific set of tasks or it helps you avoid a negative modifier that otherwise would have affected a task. I call these binary skills “talents”.

Learning talents

A talent takes about a week to learn per every 5 percentiles of bonus it gives. To teach a talent the teacher must know the talent and have at least 10 percentiles more than the pupil in the skill or one of the skills that the talent modifies.

Using talents

A character that wishes to use a talent must declare so at the beginning of the round or (if not in combat) before attempting the task. If the talent has a variable bonus the player must state how much of the bonus he wants to use.