Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add a rule to the repository?

There are two methods: use the template form or create a link to the page.

Create a link
The standard way of creating new pages in a wiki is to create a link to a non-existing page, the wikiengine will then create a link with a question mark at the end (e.g. “Test?”). Clicking on the link will bring up the edit page form, and when the page is saved the new page is created. The tricky part is to choose the right place for the new page.

All wikipages are organized in groups. The rules repository has one group per rule system: BasicRoleplaying, CallOfCthulu, Elfquest, MongooseRunequest, Ringworld, Runequest and Stormbringer. NB! the group names have no spaces beteween words, this is on purpose. All wiki pages are stored on disk in a filesystem, so all pagenames must be valid filenames. Thus you need to name the link you create properly. A new page in the Runequest group for a new hit location rule could for example be named “Runequest/HitLocationVersion”, this would be written as: [[Runequest/HitLocationVersion]] and would be displayed as “Hit Location Version”.

All of this is taken care of for you when you use the template form.

Template form
Go to Templates and
1) Go to “Rules”
2) Choose the rule system for which you want to create a rule in the drop-down box
3) Enter a title for your rule in the textfield
4) click the button labled “Create a new page called:”.
You will be taken to an edit form which has some text already entered for you. Follow the instructions on the page. When your are done, click “Save”.
5) Add a link in the repository to your page, see the next FAQ item for instructions.

2. How do I add a link in the repository to my rule?

Go to the rule systems repository page. Click the “Edit Page” link. Insert a link under the relevant rules category. Save the file.

If, for example, you want to add a link to a Runequest skill and there’s a line on the RuneQuest rules repository page reading:

* Skills

and you want to add a variant of the Martial Arts skill then you would insert:

** [[Runequest/MartialArts]]

under the line reading * Skills .

NB! Groups and page names are written as WikiWords, but the wikiengine splitts the word at every capital letter. For example “CallOfCthulu” is displayed as “Call of Cthulu”.

3. How do I add a link to the links repository?

Open the Link Repository and edit the file. Copy the text of one of the previous links and change it. Also change the date when the link was added and by whom it was added (to your own name of course).

4. How do I add a creature to the creature repository?

1) Open the creature repository page
2) Insert your beast in alfabetical order:

* [[Creature/CreatureName]]

3) Click on the link and then on the link to describe the wikipage. A template will populate the page with apreformated “form”. This is based on RuneQuests’ stat-block. Alter the Author name, the game system end the date and fill out the “form”.

Or you could use the template form.

5. How do I add a spell to the spell repository?

1) Open the spell repository page
2) Insert your spell in alfabetical order:

* [[SpellGroup/SpellName]]

The spell groups are DivineMagic, SorceryMagic, SpiritMagic and StormbringerMagic.
3) Click on the link and then on the link to describe the wikipage. A template will insert a haeder with the name of the page and some other info that should be changed.

Or you could use the template form.

6. How do I add a subpage?

Sometimes you may want to add an add-on to someone else’s rule, creature, spell etc. If you have your own version of the same idea then it’s often better to create an new page, and if you only want to psot a variant for a part of the rule then ist better to add a variant section to the wikipage. If it is an add-on, something that expands a rule but is not a complete rule then adding a subpage might solve the problem.

Subpages adds a level to the structure of the wiki. By using subpages multiple pages with the same name can exist in the same group. If you want to include a subpage put [[,Child]] somehwhere on the parentpage (always use a capital first letter in the childs page name). The resulting link will be displayed on the parrent page as “Childpage (Parentpage)”. The child page will be named <Group>.<Parent>Child and the name of the child page will display as “<Group>::<Parent> Child”.

7. How do I add a Profile page for myself?

There’s a group called “Profiles”. Edit the URL so the it reads:<your name>

And press Enter. Then add whatever information you want to provide about yourself to the profile page.