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This page contains a repository of links to other websites with contents related to RuneQuest and BRP.

Table of Contents

1. RuneQuest

AlternateEarth Setting [1]
A yahoo group devoted to the AlternateEarth setting, which was (very briefly) described in RuneQuest 3. There’s some links and documents on the site and you can join their mailing list.
Added: 2006–09–06 By: Peter Brink
Pete’s RuneQuest Page [2]
A nice collection of documents for use with and about RuneQuest. There is a files section and links to other RuneQuest sites.
Added: 2006–09–06 By: Peter Brink
RQ Addicts [3]
A yahoo group for fans of RQ. A link collection, a mailing list and some documents can be found on the site.
Added: 2006–09–06 By: Peter Brink
RQ-Rules mailinglist [4]
This is the homepage of the rq-rules mailing list. There’s also an archive of older messages to the list.
Added: 2006–09–06 By: Peter Brink

1.1. RQII

1.2. RQIII

1.3. RQIV

1.4. Mongoose RQ

2nd Age Glorantha [5]
Resources about ‘Second Age’ Glorantha (for Mongoose RQ).

2. Basic Roleplaying

Chaosium [6]
Once upon a time Chaosium published RuneQuest, that was before they licensed the game to Avalon Hill and before they lost the trademark to Issaries… They do offer the Player’s Book, Magic Book, Creatures Book and World Book from RQ3 as digital print editions (AKA “Monographs”), but these days they are sold under the brandname Basic Roleplaying. On Chaosium’s site you’ll find more info about Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer as well.
Added: 2006–09–06 By: Peter Brink
Modified: 2006–09–08 By: Stephen Posey
BasicRPS [7]
The (unofficial) site of the Basic Role-Playing System Community, dedicated to the English-, French- and Italian-language versions of the rules. Contains: new rules, settings, playing aids, links… [8]
Basic Roleplaying .com is an unofficial fansite and community portal for Chaosium’s generic d100 roleplaying game system - Basic Roleplaying. The site first went online in August 2007, and is run by Sverre Gunnarsson Larne, aka “Trifletraxor” on the basic roleplaying forum.
Added: 2007–09–18 By: Peter Brink

2.1. Call of Cthulu

2.2. ElfQuest

2.3. Stormbringer/Elric!/Hawkmoon

2.4. SuperWorld

2.5. Ringworld

3. Drakar & Demoner

Riotminds homepage (in Swedish) [9]
RiotMinds is the present producer of Drakar & Demoner. DoD (as the game is called in Sweden) is a Swedish RPG that can trace it’s roots to Chaosiumís product “Worlds of Wonder”, specifically “Magic World”. DoD is and has always been the major Swedish RPG, itís the market leader in Sweden and still has impressive sales (even as compared to the US market). All Swedish RPG:s trace their roots, in one way or another, to DoD.
Added: 2006–11–13 By: Peter Brink
Wikipedia article about Drakar & Demoner (in Swedish) [10]
A good, comprehensive article about the game Drakar & Demoner.
Added: 2006–11–13 By: Peter Brink

4. Other Games



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