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Dodge Fix

Game System: RuneQuest
Author: Peter Maranci
Added: 2006–09–07

The standard RQIII Dodge is statistically certain to kill anyone who relies on it, and is unbalanced compared to the Parry skill. With Parry, a success provides some protection even against a special or critical attack. However, a normal Dodge has absolutely no effect on a special or critical attack, and a special Dodge has no effect on a critical hit, which means that the (probably lightly-armored) Dodger must simply hope to roll a special or critical at the same time as their attacker - something like trying to stop a bullet in mid-air with another bullet!

The rule may also be criticized on the basis of realism. A successful Dodge is likely to help avoid at least some damage from almost any blow.

Therefore, each “level” of success in Dodge should negate one “level” of attack success.

A normal Dodge negates a normal attack, reduces a special attack to a normal one, and reduces a critical attack to a special attack.

A special Dodge negates a normal or special attack, and reduces a critical attack to a normal (sucessful) attack.

A critical Dodge negates all attacks.


A critical Dodge reduces any successful attack to a normal miss, and can convert one normal miss into a fumble.
Author: Tom Cantine
Added: 2006–09–09