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Collision damage bonuses

Game System: Runequest
Author: Tom Cantine
Added: 2006–12–02

A character colliding with a surface will suffer more damage with more speed. The following table is derived from the official RQ3 rules for falling damage, but setting damage levels by speed rather than height.

  • Damage Equivalent speed Typical situation
  • 1D3 1–2 m/SR Walking into wall; tripping over cat
  • 1D4 3–4 m/SR Running into wall; falling from 1 m
  • 1D6 5–6 m/SR Sprinting into wall; falling from 2–3 m.
  • 2D6 7–8 m/SR Trotting horse.
  • 3D6 9–10 m/SR Charging horse