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Parrying a Thrusting weapon

Game System: RuneQuest
Author: Tom Cantine
Added: 2006–09–18

Except when using a heavy shield, parrying a thrusting attack is more a matter of deflecting it than blocking it, and so the armour points of the parrying weapon are of little importance. In this variant, any weapon (including fists) may be used to parry a thrusting attack, with minimal risk of damage to the parrying weapon. Parrying a thrust works like Dodge (See the DodgeFix houserule), with some exceptions.

The exceptions are:

  • Parrying with a shield larger than a buckler. This is a block, not a deflection, and the AP of the parrying shield are deducted from the attack as per standard RQ.
  • Parrying an edged weapon like a sword with an unarmoured fist runs the risk of suffering a cut, if the fist happens to strike the edge rather than the flat of the blade. Simulate this by taking an automatic 1d2–1 damage to the parrying fist, if the parry is successful.