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Added: 2006–12–16

Original Game System: AD&D, d20
Publisher: TSR and WoTC


Greyhawk is Gary Gygax’s own game world. It was the test bed for AD&D 1st. ed. and the main setting for that game. It’s a classic fantasy setting complete with multiple humanoid races, dragons, dungeons, huge cities, great evil but also great champions of good. As with many early fantasy settings Greyhawk can seem unstructured. Realms and peoples of very varying level of organisation and character exists side by side, making the setting somwhat less credible. That “flaw” is however something a dedicated group of roleplayers ought to be able to fix - given time and skill.

Greyhawk is sometimes labled as a “low magic” setting which is hardly true. It’s true in one sense, magic is mainly available to characters in the form of magic items and this is something that might be worth remembering when convering to BRP - access to magic spell ought to be restricted (as compared to i.e. Glorantha) and rather be available in the form of items.

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