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Resurrection Spell Modification

Author: Andre Powell
Added: 2006–09–11

Under the RQIII Resurrection spell description, in the second paragraph, after the line that reads, “…then he can force the spirit back into the body…” we have deleted, “…and return to full life…” and before, “If the caster fails, the soul is lost to death” we have added the following:

If successful, before the “dead” can be re-animated and brought fully back to life, the STR, CON, DEX, INT, POW and APP must also be restored. This requires the sacrifice of said characteristics on the part of other PCs or NPCs in similar fashion to a Magi creating a familiar. Each characteristic can be restored up to, but not exceeding, the dead’s original score. Less can be given, however at least half must be restored for the spell to work. Willing, or not so willing, participants are gathered who have “agreed” to sacrifice a personal characteristic for the sake of the dead. For some this is a major decision, especially those who are giving up INT which cannot be restored through training. As the adage goes, ‘ ‘more hands make light the work’. In this case the more participants in the ritual, the less of an impact the sacrifice of characteristic points makes.

After this has been done, the body will reanimate upon the command of those who gave it life. All that remains is the ceremonial denial of control by the directing Magic User. A Necromancer, who has had to steal or “tap” others for characteristic points, might choose to retain control over the resurrected, making them little better than intelligent zombies. A “good” Mage or PC, on the other hand, will finish the ritual by verbally and permanently “denying” control, over the soon-to-be-reanimated. All skill scores and modifiers on the part of sacrificing PC/NPCs will need to be refigured.

The third paragraph of the spell description resumes until the last two sentences which are deleted and the following added:

Thus, it behooves those involved to move as quickly as possible. Those who have lost all characteristics due to time, as well as ancient kings, long dead heroes or magicians, can still be resurrected, however, there must be a skeleton that remains fairly intact from which to work. Characters or NPCs that have a less than a complete skeleton in some major way (no head, lost legs—the victim had been drawn and quartered and this was all that could be recovered after the parts had rotted from the city walls; damn dogs!), or which have been fully cremated, crushed or pulverized have no chance at resurrection. If, however, all the parts could be reassembled…

Regardless this spell is not to be undertaken lightly, for raising the dead, forcing them back from the afterlife, superceding the directives of deity, is a dreadful and awesome event. Much preparation and role-play should accompany it. Some cultures attach serious stigma to those who have been resurrected by this means, others have banned its practice as a violation of civil law or blasphemy punishable by death for both the animator and the reanimated. It does however, present some delightful opportunities for role-playing and scenarios.

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