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Aiming with melee weapons

Game System: Stormbringer
Author: Peter Brink
Added: 2006–09–22

Just as missile weapon attacks can be aimed so can melee weapon attacks. The player who wants to aim must declare so during the statement of intent. The character must then prolong his attack by 10 DEX (i.e. a character whith DEX 13 will attack at DEX 3 instead of 13) and halve his effective attack skill. The attack is then resolved as normal. If the attack hits and the opponent fails to avoid being hit, the opponent is only protected by the minimum amount that his armour roll may result in. For example, if the opponent has is protected by 1d6–1 AP then there is no armour protection, if the opponent had a armour rating of 1d8+2 then the protection is 3 etc.


If you (as I do) use the Runequest hit-location system with the Stormbringer rules, modify this rule as follows: The attacker must specify which hit-location he tries to hit. Then procced as above. If the attack hits then the choosen hit-location is struck. Apply armour protection as normal.